Biodegradable Disposable Gloves

Eco Best Technology accelerates biodegradation when placed in active landfills reducing overall recycling costs

The perfect option for companies looking to boost their green credentials and support green purchasing policies

Promotes sustainability but maintains the high level of performance associated with standard nitrile gloves

100% industrial grade nitrile with zero natural latex proteins – Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly

Provides users with single-use hand protection against a variety of chemicals, greases and oils

Smooth grip manking them ideal for precise tasks

Powder Free and ambidextrous

Compliant with EN420, EN374-1, EN374-3, EN374-3, AQL 1.5 and certified as food safe

Recommended For: Automotive, Cleaning/Sanitation, Domestic Use, Food Processing, Healthcare, Intricate Parts Handling, Laboratory Analysis, Gardening, Recycling, Technical Maintenance